ROY f. jONES ii

(512) 710-5462 

  • Vice President of the Central
  • Former Vice President of the Union Baptist Fellowship, Inc.
  • Founder and CEO of C.A.D.A. (Community Action Development & Assistance) 
  • Former board member of FFH (Foundation for the Homeless)


Our Pastor

​​​7201 Colony Loop Dr., Austin, Texas 78724

Offices Held
  • Recipient of the "HOPE" Award for involvement with disaster survivors.
  • Recognized by the Texas House of Represenatives for involvement with Katrina Survivors.
  • Recipient of the "Spirit" Award for CADA 


PASTOR ROY F. JONES II is an extraordinary man of God who possesses a unique style of preaching and teaching the word of God with humility, power, and relevance. Pastor Jones has a bachelor's degree in theological studies from Austin Graduate School of theology and a theology diploma from Austin Baptist Association.

Pastor Roy F. Jones II was born August 31, 1961, to Mildred and Roy F. Jones Sr.  In 1991 Pastor Jones married the Love of his life Willie M. Wooley and they are the proud parents of one son Roy Jones III ( Trey).

 In February of 1997, Pastor Jones answered his call into the ministry and was ordained by the Late Rev. O.T. Arnold.   Pastor Jones is currently fulfilling one of His many missions in life and that is working with the youth in and around various communities in the Austin Area.

 Pastor Jones love for God is manifested through his work within the community and his love for the body of Christ. His primary goal is to preach and teach the Word of God so that the power of God will be manifested in the lives of everyone that believes.